Nikolaos Rafail Papadimas
1. This poster shows numerous people, from different backgrounds and ethnicities all interconnected in the act of supporting each other. " You help others stay protected while others will do the same for you". This is the message of solidarity this poster is trying to express.
2. The message that this poster is trying to convey is hope. Like a video on Youtube has a beginning and an end, I thought I could use this as a reference to make a projection into the future after all these difficult times have passed. The poster shows a hypothetical video that runs through the timeline of events that happened during the pandemic of COVID-19.In the poster the frame that is shown is about half of the video's length, representing the present, and the viewer is pointing their cursor on a later moment in the video signifying the future. In the preview window of the moment they are pointing at, there is a message of hope that everything has ended and life has gone back to normal. 
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