Mariella Gianna Schauperl
"Andrà tutto bene" is the Italian national statement for the common fight against the coronavirus and means "Everything will be all right".
But will everything really be all right? Our world has come apart at the seams and together we have to make many changes. Because only then, everything will really be all right again. Lonely together. Each of us, for us.
My poster series is designed to represent just that: A world running out of joints and a united Europe behind a new darkness. A Europe that holds together through distance.
To symbolise the different countries, I chose the colors of the respective flags for the background colors. (Of course the concept is applicable to each country, but due to time constraints I made a smaller selection). The background of the 1st poster though consists of a pattern of all European flags.  I chose the Italian motto because of my roots and my emotional attachment to this country
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