Žan Rek
The two works are my direct interpretations of the title of the Poster Competition " Separated. United. Strong." and are stilystically influenced by the mid-century era of propaganda posters, comic books, off-set print ,screen-printing etc. The first Poster is a Illustration wich depicts that no matter on what front of this "War" you are on, you are still a part of it and therefore do your best to Contribute to it. The second Poster is my deconstructed depictionf of the Title with simplistic shapes wich would be usually printed on a old matchbox, back in the day. Whilst simplistic,it also works as a subtle kind of propaganda, even more so because of the chosen color scheme, wich doesn't calm us down, but quite on the contrary it is meant to spark a fire in us that this battle is one that needs to be fought.
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